We have decided to cancel Bergslagsleden på 5 dagar due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The main reason is that the sleeping and transportation arrangements cannot be handled in a way that sufficiently minimises the risks of spreading the virus. We hope that we can organise the event again in 2021.

To register for Bergslagen 100 Miles, go to the race site here -

We do however want to present our new race Bergslagen 100 miles. The race will start at 12:00 on July 24th 2020 in the village of Nyberget in the heart of Bergslagen (25 km northwest from Lindesberg in Örebro län). The course will follow the beautiful Bergslagsleden on a mostly single track trail (see map here!). We will have 12 service stations with water, drinks and energy and at two of these we will serve hot food and offer the opportunity for a nap. There will be cut-off times at some service stations to make sure runners can finish safely in Nyberget before the sun sets on Saturday (total time around 32 hours).

More detailed information about the race will be available when we open the registration on June 8th at 16:00. There will be a limited number of participants due to the guidelines from the Swedish authorities. Prepare to sign up - it's going to be a great adventure!

About the race

Bergslagsleden in 5 days is an all inclusive running-race along the 280km long Bergslagsleden-trail. It starts in the North at Kloten and finishes close to lake Vättern at Stenkällegården. The trail passes many historical sites, beautiful panorama views and several National Parks.

The trail is mainly single track and partly very technical but also includes shorter sections of gravel roads, tarmac etc. During the five days runners will do a total of near 5500 meters of elevation. Included in the registration fee is accommodation, breakfast, lunch packages, Support on five to seven places along the trail, snacks, dinner. 

Transportation will be provided to all racers from Örebro, which is the main city of the area.

You can follow the race through Liveresults with several checkpoints every day and extensive livestreamings via Facebook.

In 2015 and 2016 two crazy runners and an even crazier support driver made two attempts to set a Fastest Known Time for the ”Bergslagsleden”. First they failed but in 2016 they succeeded with a total time of 85hrs 33 min. They all fell in love with the trail, the nature and the adventure. This is their attempt to make running the whole Bergslagsleden accessible to more people.


Bergslagsleden in five days is an all inclusive running-race held along the 280 kilometer long Bergslagsleden Trail form 21st of July to 25th of July 2020. 

The registration fee is 7500 SEK until the 8th of July.

Last day to enter the race is July 8th 2020.

When you are registered you will receive an email including invoice and details for payment. You have 10 days to pay the invoice and thus confirming your registration.

If you wish to cancel your participation in ”Bergslagsleden in 5 days” money can be returned according to our refund policy:

  • When cancelling before the 1 of June 2020 we can return 75% of the total amount.
  • Cancelling between 1st of June and 16th of June 25% can be returned, however if your spot is taken by an individual from the waitinglist or a newly signed up team or individual 75% will be returned.
  • From the 16th of June you get 75% back if your spot is taken by an individual from the waitinglist or a new registration. If not, the registration fee can’t be returned.

The following is included in the registration fee:

On Monday afternoon, July 20th 16:00 CET - Car/buss transit from Örebro (central station or long term car park) to the first camp where you’ll have dinner and a race briefing.

During the five racedays the following will be included each day:

  • Breakfast
  • Transport to start
  • Two food packages
  • Support on four to six places along the trail every day. The support will include bananas, nuts, water, juice, coffee and cola. Each participant will also receive their own support bag to fill with preffered food or sports nutrition at one service point each day.
  • After the finish and a well deserved shower there will be dinner and a prize giving cermony

After the finish on the 25th of July and dinner on day five you’ll be transported back to Örebro. We will also arrange transportation for any runners abandoning the race.

We will be sleeping at the following places:

Nybergets vandrarhem

Blankhults frilufsgård

Sixtorps friluftsgård



The race course 

The race starts in Kloten and finishes 280 kilometers later at Stenkällegården. By car Kloten is around one hour north from Örebro and Stenkällegården around one hour south. The 280 kilometers are divided into five stages and days. The stages are between 63 to 47 kilometers.
Below are some information, stage maps and stage profile for all five stages.


Start – Kloten

Finish – Nyberget

Distance – 58km

Elevation- 2000m

Service stations – 5

Stage record – 6h 48min 20sec, Pär Bjelkmar 2018

Course map and stage profile:

Stage two

Start – Nyberget

Finish – Ramshyttan

Distance – 63km

Elevation – 1000m

Service stations – 7

Stage record – 7h 34min 20sec, Pär Bjelkmar 2018

Course map and stage profile:

Stage Three

Start - Ramshyttan

Finish – Stenbäcken

Distance – 63km

Elevation – 1100m

Service stations– 5

Stage record – 8h 08min 50sec, Pär Bjelkmar 2018

Course map and stage profile:


Stage four

Start – Stenbäcken

Finish – Ramundeboda

Distance – 50km

Elevation – 680m

Service stations – 5

Stage record – 5h 33min 20sec, Pär Bjelkmar 2018

Stage profile:

Stage five

Start – Ramundeboda

Finish – Stenkällegården

Distance – 47km

Elevation – 500m

Service stations – 5

Stage record – 4h 43min 50sec, Pär Bjelkmar 2018

Course map and stage profile:




1 -  Tom van de Wiele 37.52.36
2 -  Bengt Wallner 42.59.01
3 - Marit Strengen 44.41.24
3 - Stig Laursen 44.41.24
5 - Nils van der Poel 50.12.01
6 - Joachim Kortyka 60.08.18
7 - Fredrik Widfeldt 214km Svartå Herrgård 41.35.03
8 - Sara Kortyka Ramshyttan 121km 28.06.58

Links to results with split times from all five days:
Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5



1 -  Pär Bjelkmar 32:48:40 (New course record)

2 -  Sandra Lundqvist -  39hr 34min 29sec

3 - Team LAGerblad (Karin Lagerblad (Falkenberg RR), Stefan Lagerblad)  51hr 36min 45 sec

4 - Bram van der Bilj 56hr 42min 55sec

5 - Fredrik Widfeldt Mogetorp 129km,  22hr 12 min 35 sec

6 - Rickard Ahlberg Ramshyttan 121km 20hr 2min 39sec

7 - Thijs Leroy 81km Uskavi 15hr 4 min 0 sec

8 - Jonas Brännmyr Nyberget 58km 7hr 23min 54 sec

9 - Daniel Zetterqvist Nyberget 58km 8hr 51min 0sec

Link to full results with split times!



1 -  Helle Manvik – 38h 19min 40sec 

2 - Martin Hellberg –  40h 24min 10sec

3 - IF Start Team Ultra (Roland Eriksson & Hasse Byrén) – 56h 46min 5sec

4 - Mia Gyllenberg – Nyberget 58km 7h 29min

5 - Fredrik Hartman – Nyberget 58km 8h 41min 50sec

Link to full results with split times!


1 - Markus Björnström och Martin Kindgren – 47hrs 11min 40sec 

2 - Roland Eriksson och Ulf Eriksson – Mogetorp 128km 21hrs 26min 50sec

3 - Nils van der Poel – Ramshyttan 121km 19hrs 46min 50sec

4 - Maria Eriksson – Reboda 68km 11hrs 02min 40sec*
*Did’t run Reboda – Hammarby (31km). Continue to Stenbäcken 153km 30hrs 36min 50sec

5 - Sara Richert – Stora Myggsjön 41km 5hrs 51min 00sec

Link to full results with split times!


 It is easy to get to Örebro Central Station where our transport to the start will pick you up.
If you are flying to Sweden we recommend you to fly to Stockholm Arlanda and then take the train or bus to Örebro Central Station.

Find the best solution for you, try these websites:

Train – SJ

Bus – Swebus